montaz technologieWe specialize in a variety of assembly, reconstruction and maintenance works performed on technological appliances and machines such as press machines, conveyor belts, and feeders. We perform factory and welding works on technological units and appliances during the production shut down.

When performing our activities, we build on our rich experience and we thus perform our works upon technological processes documentation prepared in advance or under the supervision of welding specialists who have years of experience and national as well as international practice.

Technological units disposal

Technological units disposal represents the last period of the unit´s life cycle and thus requires appropriate attention as it is necessary to ensure protection of workers participating in the process of disposal, protection of environment as well as safe waste disposal. Our company has rich experience with such activities and we are able to provide the technology unit disposal process with all of the accompanying documents and materials such as technological process for waste disposal, waste disposal itself, safe processing of such waste and complete clearing of the building site were the disassembly was performed.

The waste disposal processes use hot processes such as firing by oxygen-acetylene flame, cutting by plasma or separating by angular grinders or cold processes such as cutting by saws or disassembly by using a variety of tools in the spaces with the danger of a fire outbreak where hot processes cannot be applied.