Gas welding is one of the oldest methods of welding. The whole process aims at creating permanent joints with the same chemical and mechanical properties as the material to be welded.

In the process of gas welding, the flame is obtained by combustion of a flammable gas and the combustion is supported by another sort of gas. In majority of cases, acetylene is used as a flammable gas and oxygen is used as a combustion supporting gas. The temperature reached by the combustion of acetylene in combination with oxygen is 3200 ° C, which is sufficient to melt a number of metallic materials.

As the combustion process of acetylene leads to the maximum flame temperature, it is used as the flammable gas in most cases.


  • operability (the process requires no power source)
  • technology appropriate for repair works
  • appropriateness of technological use for brazing and cutting
  • availability


  • high heat input, i.e. wider area of the base material affected by heat / IP /
  • longer welding times
  • greater tendency to errors such as cold joint